A lua/xml project that adds MoreRealistic to the Farming Simulator DLCs

MoreRealisticDLCs v1.0


MoreRealisticDLCs automatically converts all Farming Simulator DLC vehicles and tools to MoreRealistic. All vehicle data and values have been set accurately and have been tested extensively.

Some vehicles/tools have received new realistic functions:

  • The Ursus tractors now have a realistic exhaust system, based on the engine load.
  • Overloader, frontloader tools, bale wrapper etc. use more power when certain parts are moved.
  • The liquid manure spreaders have received HoseRef connectors, so they're now compatible with MapHoseRefStations, hoses, the front dock (Kotte only) etc.
  • Bales get a fill level adjusted for their weight when they are wrapped.
  • The liquid manure spreaders have different consumption rates depending on which nozzles are active.

The shop entries have been adjusted: vehicle data like required power, real capacity, maximum speeds and much more are displayed accurately.

The Titanium Addon map "Westbridge Hills" has been adjusted: if the MoreRealisticVehicles pack is installed, the starting vehicles are all MR vehicles. If it's not installed, the starting capital is increased instead. Furthermore, the MoreRealistic balancing values have been adjusted for the map. needed.

The mod has been tested extensively for multi player and works without any problems. Regarding dedicated server: see "known bugs".

Warning: if MoreRealisticDLCs is installed and active, the default DLC vehicles will not be available anymore.


Copy the archive to your mods folder.


  • The Farming Simulator v2.1.1.0 beta patch (or higher) must be installed.
  • At least one DLC has to be installed (d'uh!). The DLCs must have the following version numbers (or higher), respectively:
    • Lindner Unitrack DLC: v1.0.0.1
    • Marshall DLC: v1.0.0.3
    • Titanium Addon: v1.0.0.5
    • Ursus Addon: v2.0.0.2
    • Väderstad DLC: v1.0.0.3
  • MoreRealistic engine: v1.3.61 (or higher)
  • MoreRealisticVehicles: v1.3.8 (or higher)
  • MoreRealisticGenuineMap: v1.0.10 (or higher)
    (optional: only needed if playing the Titanium Map)

If one of those requirements hasn't been met, the script will abort and no vehicles will be converted. An info message will be printed to the log.

Known bugs

  • MoreRealisticDLCs does not work on dedicated servers, as Giants hasn't released the required patch (v2.1.1.0 beta).

No support or inquiries of any sort via PM!



  • Jakob Tischler
  • dural


  • _dj_
  • Grisu118
  • modelleicher
  • Satis
  • Xentro

Additional credits

  • Manuel Leithner: original author of DynamicExhaustingSystem
  • fruktor: original author of HoseRef
  • caba kosmotesto from The Noun Project: Unicorn icon (under "CC BY 3.0" license)